Project STOP–Lessons From Lunch Bunch

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy here with different activities for my students.  My Lunch Bunch kids have been working on multiple projects for several weeks now.  One of these projects is our STOP sign project.

I found some nice poster board in our faculty room that was going to be recycled, so I quickly snatched it up.  The poster board was then cut down into strips and I gave each student a strip to decorate.

Before they did anything, however, I asked the students to think of things they learned in Lunch Bunch this year and what they could tell others about the lessons they learned.  I gave them a challenge:  each statement, or lesson, had to start with either “STOP” or “Don’t STOP.”  Of course the most common answer was, “STOP Bullying” but they did come up with some other good ideas.

I wrote all their advice on the board.  We then voted on the top 6.  From there I gave each student a piece of poster board and gave them each a word.  The words as a whole made up the advice that they had for others about lessons learned in lunch bunch.   The students then had to write their word on their poster board and decorate it.

Although I used heavy poster board and waterproof markers, I had the strips laminated.  Here are the results:

Don’t STOP Dreaming

 Don’t STOP Being Unique

Don’t STOP Believing In U

STOP Depending On Others

STOP Frowning, Start Smiling

I love them!  The best day is the day I after I hang them when the kids run into my room to tell me they saw our signs.

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