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The Good Egg | Circle of Control



The Good Egg Lesson Plan is the perfect lesson about teaching students what things are in and out of their control and healthy vs unhealthy activities. This is a book companion for the book, The Good egg by Jory John. Use it with the book or visit YouTube to find a read aloud. In addition, the activities can be used without the book as well. This lesson can be used for Grades K-5, as the activities are differentiated for grades K-2 and 3-5.

Good Egg is a lovable character who learns that you just have to let go of what other people are doing and just worry about what you have control over. Included are discussion questions, warm up activities and worksheets.


  •  Lesson Plan to be used as a book companion to The Couch Potato–includes differentiation for grades K-2 and 3-5.
  • Warm Up Activity
  • Discussion Questions
  • Circle of Control Activities
  • I Can Learning Targets Posters
  • Aligned to ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors
  • Color and Black & White Versions

The Good Egg is a great story for students of all ages to talk about things in and out of one’s control.


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The Good Egg | Circle of Control