I {mustache} You to STOP Bullying at Mix It Up Day!

Today was Mix It Up Day.  We joined thousands of other schools across the country to say “No” to bullying in our school and lives.  I had my Lunch Bunch kids help pick the theme, make the bulletin board and photo booth props we used, and hang posters around the school.  

Here is our day. . .

 Actually, yesterday the kids left these on lockers around the school.  It was great to hear the 5th graders ask, “What is Mix It Up Day?” every time they passed a sign.  

Then last night before I left for home, I had my kids decorate the bulletin board in the cafeteria.  This was our “photo booth” for the day.  

In addition, just before lunches started, I set up the cafeteria.  I set discussion questions on each table:

I also set up a table with our mustache props and white boards.

Wegman’s Grocery Store also donated cookies for all students and staff! (I didn’t get a picture of the cookies, but they were a big hit!)  

When students came in, I explained Mix It Up Day.  Then they were asked to talk to each and discuss the questions left on their table while they ate.  When they were done, everyone grabbed a ‘stache wrote how they would stop bullying and had a picture taken.  When they were done, they enjoyed their cookie.    

Tonight I made a video of all their pictures.  I will play this for them while they eat lunch tomorrow.  (For privacy I won’t post the video, but I can’t wait for them to see it!)

Want to get a copy of all the materials I used for your own Mix It Up or Stop Bullying Day?  You can here.  

Have a great idea for Mix It Up Day?  Leave a comment below or share it with a group below!

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