Humbled and Thankful

I was very shocked last night when I looked at my blog stats and saw that I hit 100,000 pageviews!  Wow.  I am in shock.  I haven’t even been blogging for a whole year yet.  It’s been 9 months to be exact.  I stated blogging as a way of recording my year with the kids, but what I have found is that I have made connections with other counselors that have really helped me to grow as a professional.  I have learned to step outside my comfort zone and take risks.  Starting working in the middle school last year, was just that.  A risk, a step outside my comfort zone.  I was, afterall, very comfortable with guiding students through the college application process.  It was my specialty.  Now, however, I feel I have many new strengths.  I have a new mission to help reduce bullying, build friendships, provide support, encourage others, and make learning fun.  I have made school the center of my life; I love learning and teaching, and I would love others to join me by becoming learners and leaders themselves. 
Thank you everyone who has visited my blog.  100,000 visitors and from more than 125 different countries around the world.  I have to admit, there were some places I had to look up on the globe. 
In case you are interested here are some locations that have visited:
Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Phillippines, France, Pakistan, Germany, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Soth Africa, Nethrlands, Israel, Belgium, Romania, Panama, Kuwait, Ireland, Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia,Guam, Lebanon, Greece, Vietnam, Bermuda, Portugal, Egypt, Brunei Darussalam,  Luxembourg, Qatar,  Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Sudan, Belize, Malta, Oman, Denmark, Croatia, Peru, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Brazil, Uruguay, Honduras, Macau, Norway, Cayman Islands, Ecador, Northern Mariana Islands, Saint Vincent, Namibia, Rwanda, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan. . . plus many more. . .
What I have received from blogging is more than I could have imagined.
The emails and comments from people I have never met is incredible.  I feel I have made many connections and have found many friends.  In addition, I have felt so inspired to really do my best.  As I try everyday to teach students to find the leader within themselves, I find myself being put to the test of trying to be be a positive example and not just lead them, but my peers as well.  I am quite proud of the Facebook groups and can’t believe how much they grow each day.  I love being able to see what other professionals do in their day to day work and the projects and groups you run in your own buildings.  You have taught me so much.  There are so many new ideas that you also have shared with me that I can’t wait to try.
So here is to another 100,000 page views, new followers, and new friends.  Hats off to you!

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