Community Outreach, Youth Service, and a Clothing Swap!

Our School Psychologist and I have been trying to think of nontraditional ways to support kids.  With all the emphasis on Global Youth Service Day, we came up with an idea to help out the community, as well as, to provide students a volunteer opportunity.  I have to admit it was more her idea that mine, but needless to say, I thought it was brilliant!

So, what is this unbelievably great idea? 
 The LMS 1st Annual Clothing Swap! 

We are asking families to bring in their gently worn, used clothing from now until next week.   Saturday, May 4th from 8:30am-12:30pm is the swap.

My Kindness Project Lunch Bunch kids will help sort and weed out clothing prior to the event and we have made announcements to recruit student volunteers to help on Saturday with running the swap.  Our philosophy is simply: “Give what you can.  Take what you need.”  If you have nothing to donate, well maybe you still find a nice pair of shorts or jeans that you can use and will look great on you.

To promote the event, we sent a letter home to parents explaining the swap.  We listed acceptable and unacceptable items.  This is what we have defined as acceptable and unacceptable clothing:

Items Not Accepted:
þ Winter Clothing
þ Socks
þ Under Wear
þ Clothing With Stains or Holes
þ Hair Accessories or Hats
þ School Supplies
þ Household Appliances
Acceptable Items:
þ Shorts
þ Shirts
þ Spring Jackets
þ Pants
þ Sneakers/Cleats
Along with the letter that has already gone home to parents, we also are promoting the swap with the newsletter that will be going home with report cards on Friday.  Below is a copy of my April newsletter.

Are you planning any Service Projects?  Leave a comment below and share your ideas.

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