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Teaching Kindness During The Holiday Season

December is a busy month in my office.  Our Giving Tree (See more posts about the Giving Tree Here and Here) is up, and I am starting to collect presents. In addition, I have a mountain of clothing stacked up in one corner of the suite room that I have

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The Giving Tree

Once, there was a tree…And she loved a little boy. That is the beginning of the much loved story by Shel Silverstein about the relationship between a young boy and a tree in a forest.  The story is simple.  The tree gives without receiving in return.  It feels a sense

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Putting Together A Holiday Help Program–LINKY PARTY

It’s just about time for the holidays!   As counselors, our work extends beyond the classroom walls.  I know many of us put together a holiday help program for families in need of a little extra assistance.  I have mentioned that I put together a Giving Tree Program, and a lot of

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