21. Sharing An Office Space with Ashley Morat

Have you ever had to share an office or classroom with a colleague? Sharing a workspace can be challenging and can certainly have its ups and downs, especially if the move is unexpected and the space is small. 

In this episode, my colleague and officemate, Ashley Morat, and I are chatting about how we came to share the same workspace and how we make it work successfully. ????????

Topics Covered:

  • The importance of having open, honest, and frequent communication with your officemate.
  • How to set clear boundaries and know when to ask permission to use certain items. 
  • Why having a positive mindset, open mind, and being flexible is crucial when sharing an office space. 
  • How having two counselors allows us to reach every student more effectively and provide additional support when necessary.
  • How sharing office space can be a rewarding experience and can help you both grow as professionals and as friends.


Questions about anything you heard on this episode? Send me an email: carol@counselingessentials.org